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MARECHAL® has a wide range of Ex distribution boxes, covering all the needs of the industries as well as a large choice of products more particularly adapted to the power supply in explosive atmospheres.

MXBS (Socket-Outlet combination boxes)

Equipped with 20 to 63 A DECONTACTOR™ plugs and socket-outlets and/or 10 A multicontact connectors, these Ex socket-outlet combination boxes are designed for making electrical connections in hazardous areas, offering from 12 to 37 contacts. This comprehensive range of electrical boxes is also ideal for wet environments – such as food and beverage or chemical industries – thanks to their corrosion resistance. It is possible to mount both socket-outlets and multicontact connectors on the same box, with some models able to accommodate up to 24 socket-outlets or connectors.

Product features

63 A

  • Ex II2 G D Ex e IIC, Ex tD A21
  • Reinforced polyester resin
  • fiberglass and graphite loaded casing, IK09 according to IEC and EN 62 262
  • Automatic water- and dust-tight IP66
  • Assembly up to 24 socket-outlets and multi-contact connectors on the same enclosure
  • Zones 1 & 2 (gas), 21 & 22 (dust).


IP66 watertight socket-outlet combination boxes for explosive atmospheres (ATEX), conforming to the international MARECHAL® standard.


Gas and dust ; zones 1&2, 21&22
Standards compliance IEC/EN 60079-0, 60079-7, 60079-11 and 60079-31
Certificates IECEx N° IECEx LCI 11.0042 and ATEX N° LCIE 11 ATEX 3047<
IK09 according to IEC et EN 62 262.