Self-ejecting stiksystemer


Products features

20 A ou 32 A
  • Efficiency and quick use
  • Safety ensured with the self-eject system
  • Flexibility of settings
  • Safety for personnel and goods in case of sprayed water thanks to IP65 watertightness

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Battery charging connector system for rescue vehicles with an electromagnetic self-eject system comprising coupler socket and an inlet mounted in a box.

The box containing the connector is recessed in the vehicle. When stationary, a mobile inlet suplies powerinside the box. On ignition, a solenoid plunger lifts the socket release latch thus ejecting it from the inlet.


Battery charging connector system for rescue vehicles, comprising an inlet and enclosure. The coupler socket is automatically ejected when the ignition key is turned. Inlet and socket use silver-nickel butt contacts with metal braid, complying with EN 60309-1.