Kompaktstiksystem 5A 5 polet


Product features

  • 5 A
  • IP66/IP67

Kontakt Ara-El ApS

Høsten Teglværksvej 98 4690 Haslev

+45 56 28 65 50



Industrial plugs and socket-outlets cover all industrial electrical installations, even under the most extreme conditions. From 16 A to 600 A, these connectors are waterproof, robust with a long life span. They guarantee the electrical safety of the users and the durability of the equipment.

Compact and rugged 5 A connector designed for all types of aggressive environments (humidity, corrosion, pollution) found in many industrial hazardous areas. It is easy and quick to connect. Its locking ring resists vibration thus preventing accidental disconnection of the plug on load. MARECHAL®’s technically advanced silver-nickel butt contact system assures next level performance no matter the conditions. The PNCX guarantees a long-lasting and electrically efficient connection for your industry.