1 polet stiksystem 1000V 680A


SPEX (680 A/1000 V)

Product features

680 A
  • Ex II2 G D Ex e IIC, Ex tb IIIC
  • Automatic IP65/IP66 water- and dust-tight sealing
  • Electromechanical interlocking system
  • Mechanic and visual keying.

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In the most extreme environments, the MARECHAL® high current plugs ensures a steady and performant power supply on machines up to 700 A / 1000 V. The outdoor connectors, ground- or wall mounted plugs resist shocks and abuse.

IP65/IP66 water- and dust-tight single pole power connectors SPeX for easy connection of large equipment and generators in quarries, supply of tunnel boring machines, harbor equipment or boats, urban equipment, shipyards … Thanks to their silver butt-contact technology, single-pole power connectors SP admit a permanent current of 680 A / 1000 V ac or 1500 V dc.
They are waterproof IP65/IP66 and have a reliable electromechanical interlocking system.


IP65/IP66 single pole power connector with increased safety «e» and «tb» for hazardous areas (ATEX), comply with MARECHAL® international standard.


With 240 mm2 wiring, the SPeX accepts a permanent current up to 570 A / 1000 V a.c. with T5 ATEX classification at 40 °C ambient temperature.